What are the advantages of circular connectors? You don’t always know!

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EW-LP Series Device Connectors

The EW-LP20 series connectors are designed for high-precision, high-quality automatic insertion. With features such as self-locking device and waterproof and dustproof, it is widely used in various challenging environments.

Circular connectors are an essential type of connector. It is named after its basic cylindrical structure with a circular mating surface. It originated in the military equipment manufacturing industry in the last century and has since been gradually extended to the civilian sector. Circular connectors are made up of contacts, insulators, housings, locking mechanisms, and accessories to provide power, signal, and data connections for various devices and systems. They are widely used in multiple industries and applications such as new energy, industrial manufacturing, and the Internet of Things.

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What are the advantages of circular connectors?

1, From a mechanical point of view, due to the circular connector in the shape of a cylindrical or cylindrical deformation, such a shape and structure can withstand greater external shocks and stresses.

2, From the strength-to-weight ratio, circular connectors, this value is higher, that is, in the case of resisting the same external forces, the shell of the circular connector can be made smaller and lighter, which is very much in line with the development trend of miniaturization of connectors, lighter.

3, From the processing process, circular connectors have a very mature processing production line, making it easy to ensure the quality of the product and the accessibility of the process.

4, From the application area, due to the excellent stability of circular connectors, and therefore are widely used in aerospace, transportation, and industry, such as connector stability requirements for demanding applications.

5, From the connection characteristics, circular connectors mostly use the bayonet, direct plug, threaded, and other connection methods, the connection is more secure and tight, and should not be loosened.

6, From the connector reliability, circular connectors have a compact and tight structure, reliable contact, good sealing performance, and stable connection performance characteristics.

7, From the advantages of the connection scheme, due to the uniqueness of the circular connector itself, currently in the interconnection of components and cables, cables, and cables between the application scenario, circular connectors are still the preferred solution.

8, From the application of environmental attributes, if the round connector is an aviation plug level, its performance advantages will be more powerful. It has waterproof and dustproof, oil and corrosion-resistant, vibration and shock resistance, high and low-temperature-resistant, etc., and can be applied to complex and harsh industrial, outdoor, and other scenarios.

I believe that we have specific knowledge and understanding of the advantages of the characteristics of the circular connector!

New Product Series:

new product of LP waterproof connectors x

The LP20 Waterproof Connector has 2-12pin which can be used in different applications of power and signal.


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