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E-Weichat, a brand professional manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales of IP68 waterproof connectors.

IP68 Waterproof Connector Series

Screw Less Connector Series

Shrapnel fixed line is convenient and quick

Male Female Connector Series

Plug and play self-locking

Panel Mount Connector Series

Well-designed, easy to install, and durable

Screw Connector Series

Locking mechanism, secure connection

Waterproof Junction Box Series

Waterproof, durable, dustproof, and shockproof

LP Device Connector Series

Design with high precision and quality

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IP68 waterproof connector solution

The IP68 waterproof connectors produced by E-Weichat possess outstanding waterproof performance, ensuring reliable protection for electrical connections in various application scenarios. Whether in extreme weather conditions in outdoor environments, humid industrial environments, or underwater devices, E-Weichat connectors provide reliable waterproof protection, ensuring the durability and reliability of electrical connections.

Quick Connect Connector

As a tool-less lever connector, E-Weichat screwless series splice connectors allow easy, fast, and safe connection of solid, stranded, and thin wire conductors from 0.5 to 2.5 mm² with a current of 16 A and a voltage of 450 V for up to 5 core wires.

Lock Wire Connector

Fast and efficient cable connection: no cable preparation is required, saving time and effort compared to standard connection methods. Screws penetrate conductors to ensure proper electrical contact.

Solder Connector

The connection between the wire and the conductive part of the connector is soldered, which is the most secure connection among the three locking methods of thread locking and quick connection.

Suitable for various application scenarios

The wide applicability of IP68 waterproof connectors makes them the preferred choice in many industries, including solar equipment, lighting devices, communication equipment, marine electronics, transportation tracks, and more. Whether in harsh environmental conditions or demanding scenarios that require high waterproof performance, the waterproof connectors produced by E-Weichat deliver excellent performance and reliability, providing durable solutions for various application scenarios.

E-Weichat Connector Application Scenario Communication Equipment

Communication Equipment

E-Weichat Connector Application Scenario Greenhouse


E-Weichat Connector Application Scenario Lighting Industry

Lighting Industry

E-Weichat Connector Application Scenario Ship Electronics

Ship Electronics

E-Weichat Connector Application Scenario Solar System

Solar System

E-Weichat Connector Application Scenario Transportation Track

Transportation Track

Annual capacity

Plant area

Engaged in connectors deeply


What Makes Us Different?

Buying direct from the manufacturer saves you time and money. Our knowledge, design expertise, experience, speed and quality is unmatched, which makes working with us convenient and stress free.

Why choose E-Weichat?

12 years ip68 waterproof connector and junction box manufacturer. All raw materials conform to international certifications and environmental protection standards.100% Inspection before shipment.The defective rate of the product used for more than 10 years is less than 0.1%

Waterproof connector brand professional manufacturer?

E-Weichat, a brand professional manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales of IP68 waterproof connectors. Main products: circular waterproof connectors, waterproof joints, male and female connectors, waterproof junction boxes, industrial connectors, energy storage connectors, aviation plugs, special products for three-proof lights, etc. ISO9001 quality management system certification, UL, TUV, SAA, CQC, CE, ROHS and many other domestic and foreign product certifications, providing customers with professional and comprehensive waterproof connector solutions

We know what you need?

With 12 years of waterproof connector supply experience and numerous cases in different industries, E-Weichat can easily provide a variety of highly customized products and related technical support and services that meet the needs of different applications.

A Trustworthy Chinese Company?

At E-Weichat, we are not working as a job, but fighting as our life-time career, which we clearly know credibility is the foundation of our existence. Our reliability helping us continuously growing in the past 12 years, and we clearly knows only small streams can last long.

Superior quality and professional after-sales service?

1. We use eco-friendly PA66 from Solvay plastics, which would make sure at least 2-3 years’ stability to keep its normal function.
2. As long as 3 years warranty to make sure our products confidence to our customers.
3. All of our products is International EN60998/U2238 test standard.

We’ve Been Building For Over 12 Years

E-Weichat, Established in 2006 is a professional manufacturer engaged in the research development production sale and service of waterproof connector accessories including IP68 Waterproof Connectors; Cable Gland; Push Wire Connectors; Terminals Block. Our Company located in GuangMing District in Shenzhen with convenient transportation access. Our Factory Dedicated to strict quality control and comprehensive customer service our experienced team members are always try best to confirm client full requirements and ensure full customer satisfaction. In recent years our company has introduced a series of advanced equipment including injection molding machine; Automatic assembly machine; CCD tester machine and punch machine.

Participate in exhibitions all over the world

Bring our products to the world

E-Weichat’s waterproof connectors, which are highly regarded, actively participate in exhibitions worldwide. These exhibitions provide E-Weichat with opportunities to showcase its exceptional products, innovative technologies, and solutions for waterproof connectors on a global scale. The exhibition activities serve as a platform for E-Weichat to demonstrate its strength, enhance brand visibility, and discover business cooperation opportunities, thereby solidifying its leading position in the field of waterproof connectors.

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