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Wherever high demands are placed on electrical connections, our range of male to female waterproof connectors will do the trick. No matter how tough your site is, with the tight sealing and high mechanical strength of the connectors, even your application can be installed with amazing speed and, above all, safety.

It is a plug-and-play self-locking connector, which can be opened by twisting to the left or to the right. So it can be connected immediately according to the plug-and-play principle.

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This is the E-Weichat male female connector series product list.

Advantages and usage scenarios of male female connector

Male and Female Connector Series is an IP68 connector made of PA66 High-Performance Engineering Materials, specially designed for the high-end market. It has a push-pull coupling feature and is one of our most popular waterproof connectors. The new series connectors are available in cable and panel versions, with a wide range of accessories that allow them to satisfy any installation requirement.

This IP68 waterproof connector is designed for high-end products. The amazing Plastic housing and Self-locking makes it widely used in many high-end fields, such as below:

Machinery and plant manufacturing

Building installation

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning

Light technology

Wind power and photovoltaics

Elevators and escalators

Due to its properties, the Plug & Socket Connector can be used wherever high demands and robust environments meet.

We set no limits,don’t do it either.

E-Weichat, a leading manufacturer and supplier of IP68 waterproof connectors

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