Panel Mount Waterproof Connector

E-Weichat is a Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of IP68 Waterproof Connectors.

E-Weichat offers high-quality panel mount connectors made from durable, eco-friendly PA66 material. These connectors provide reliable electrical connections in harsh environments, ensuring durability and shock resistance. They comply with international standards such as EN60998/U2238, guaranteeing quality that meets global benchmarks. With stable signal transmission and protective functionality, they safeguard internal equipment components. Choose our connectors for high-quality, durable, and reliable solutions in electrical connections, ensuring smooth operation in challenging conditions.

Shenzhen WeiChat Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2006, Shenzhen WeiChat Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of waterproof connector accessories such as IP68 waterproof connectors, cable joints, push-wire connectors, and terminal blocks.

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E-Weichat Panel Mount Waterproof Connector

As your trusted single-source supplier of panel mount connectors, E-Weichat is committed to providing high-quality products and professional engineering support. Our connectors have undergone authoritative certifications and comply with international standards, ensuring outstanding quality and reliability. We offer a wide range of connector specifications to meet various application requirements. Whatever type or size of connector you need, we can fulfill your demands. Additionally, we hold design patents for our connectors, providing you with unique aesthetic options to enhance the appeal of your equipment.


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E-Weichat Panel Mount Connector Product Model

E-Weichat Panel Mount Connector Product Features

E-Weichat’s IP68 waterproof panel mount connectors offer excellent waterproof performance, ensuring reliable protection for electrical connections in various application scenarios. Whether in extreme outdoor weather conditions, humid industrial environments, or underwater devices, E-Weichat’s panel mount connectors provide reliable waterproof protection, ensuring the durability and reliability of electrical connections. Our panel mount connectors not only possess IP68-rated waterproof capabilities but also feature fire resistance and high-temperature resistance. They can maintain stable performance in high-temperature environments, effectively resisting the risk of fire. Additionally, the connectors exhibit exceptional dust resistance and weather resistance, withstanding the erosion of dust, particles, and harsh weather, ensuring the reliability and longevity of the connections.

IP68 Waterproof
fireproof & High temperature resistant
dust-proof & weather resistance

The production process of E-Weichat panel mount connectors includes design stage, material selection, injection molding, metal processing, assembly and welding, testing and quality control, and continuous improvement. Through careful design and high-quality materials, we ensure that the connectors have excellent performance and durability to meet customer needs. Strict quality control and continuous improvement are our commitment to providing top-notch panel mount connectors. No matter what style of waterproof Connector and Waterproof Junction Box you want, based on our extensive experience, we can manufacture it. In particular,We have a design and R&D team of 20 people.E-weichat has built a great design and R&D team to make your ideas a reality. Continuous innovation and a rigorous design engineering development process keep every step in order. An international supply of cutting-edge materials ensures the quality of each product. Giving your products more added value makes our mission lasting.

E Weichat Panel Mount Waterproof Connector
E Weichat Factory

Suitable for various application scenarios

E-Weichat’s panel mount connectors are widely utilized across various industries and sectors. Serving as critical components for electrical connection and control, they provide stable and dependable power supply and signal transmission capabilities. Whether in industrial automation, building automation, transportation, instrumentation, energy, or lighting fields, E-Weichat’s panel mount connectors play a crucial role. They are designed to meet diverse application requirements, ensuring the smooth operation and efficient performance of equipment and systems. By selecting E-Weichat’s panel mount connectors, you can expect top-quality products and reliable electrical connection solutions that comprehensively support your projects and business.

Indoor LED lights

Lndoor LED Lights

Window lighting

Window Lighting

application scenarios

Plant Grow Light

Ground light

Ground Light

Intelligent Street Light

Lntelligent Street Light

Stage lights

Stage Lights

Annual capacity

Plant area

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Participate in exhibitions all over the world

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E-Weichat’s waterproof connectors, which are highly regarded, actively participate in exhibitions worldwide. These exhibitions provide E-Weichat with opportunities to showcase its exceptional products, innovative technologies, and solutions for waterproof connectors on a global scale. The exhibition activities serve as a platform for E-Weichat to demonstrate its strength, enhance brand visibility, and discover business cooperation opportunities, thereby solidifying its leading position in the field of waterproof connectors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Choose The Right Product?

In order to check and suggest the right product for you, the following information needs to be collected
– Number of contacts/pins
– Operating current and voltage per pin
– Cable outside diameter
– Other requirements

You can also send us a message and our team will assist you in finding the best fit for your application.

How To Order Samples?

ensure that the selected product is suitable for your application, it is best to test a sample before purchasing in bulk. Since most of our products do not have minimum order quantities, samples can be purchased in any quantity. Some product lines have free sample options, please contact our sales team for more information.

I Am A New Customer , How Do I Place Orders?

You can send us your first order via email. We will then create a E-WEICHAT customer systerm for you and store all conditions, as well as payment and delivery terms, stated in advance there.

What standards do your products meet?

Our connectors are controlled according to TUV EN60998 / EN62444 and RoHS certified. cUL and SAA certifications are available for some series as well.
As an ISO 9001 certified factory, we have a team of experienced R&D professionals, a fully equipped in-house lab. We guarantee a fast and comprehensive support and offer you short design-in processes.

For more details, please contact us.
If you have specific request for some certain certificates, we are willing to check the possibility as well.

What Is The Lead Time For Products?

Regular lead time:
– formal order: 5-7 days
– sample order: 1-3 days
It might also be shortened based on our stock status, or extended during special holiday seasons.
We will always try to deliver as fast as we can.

Tips: Chinese New Year is a very special holiday in China, which may lead up to 1 months unusual production, the lead time will be longer than usual during this time of the year. We recommend you to place the orders or make purchase plans in advance, so to avoid the possible delay.

“This was my first time buying a product overseas, I couldn’t find the quantity I needed anywhere in the USA so I looked for other avenues. I put a quote on the Alibaba website and Sunny responded very quickly and I could understand everything he was telling. I place a big order and asked when would they be here and he reassured me they would be here in 2.5 weeks. He kept his word and we just received the product as it’s everything we needed to finish the job. Highly Recommend this company and their product! The product came from China to Florida in 2.5 weeks with no other fees besides what I paid him.”

– Joey P.

“It was a large and expensive order, so I was stress with transportation. Hilary follow up many time to track my shipment and my order arrived without any problem.”

– Daniel Poissant

“from start to finish great service . product came in good time as described . only thing I think would make it better is if the marking were more visible . I simple used a continuity meter and all worked fine.”

– Christoph Frei

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E Weichat Panel Mount Waterproof Connector
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