Waterproof Junction Box

The co-molding gasket guarantees fail-safe installations. The connection hinge between the top and the bottom obtained directly from the molding of the product simplifies the installation activities. Cable glands with milled claws built in the box allow the installation of small-section cables.
Protected and compact for maximum versatility Junction boxes approved up to IP68 guarantee water and dust-proof connections without the use of resin or gel. The boxes are re-accessible thanks to their compact dimensions, they are particularly suitable for connections in small spaces or containing electronic and electromechanical components.

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This is the E-Weichat waterproof junction box series product list.

E-Weichat EW-M2068S-5T Waterproof Junction Box

E-Weichat EW-M2068S-5T Waterproof Junction Box

Product name : IP68 Waterproof Junction Box
Number of Poles : 5 Way
Raw Materials : PA66 Plastic/ brass
Operating Current : 40A
Operating Voltage : 450V
Operating temperature range : -40℃-105℃

Advantages and usage scenarios of Waterproof Junction Box

2-way to 10-way current dividers (can be made into pre-wired boxes with plug and socket connectors) Designed to speed up the connection and disconnection of electrical networks and various devices. and the connection and disconnection of various devices. Does not require access to the terminal block inside the box. It takes advantage of the simplicity and flexibility of plug and socket connections.IP68 Waterproof Junction Boxes can be installed horizontal and vertical as external junction boxes to hide electrical connections around your home and any property. Only need to connect the same type of wire, no cable cutting, more convenient and safer. The junction boxes are Suitable for kinds of petrol stations, mines, processing plants, irrigation, agriculture and cultivation, greenhouse, Water treatment, monitoring, submersible pumps, energy distribution. Made of high-quality plastic, it will not crack or fade in Sunlight, durable for years of use.

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