E-Weichat EW-LP12 Device Waterproof Connector

EW-LP12 device waterproof connector, the technical performance complies with international standards such as UL and TUV; the male and female ends are locked with a push-type metal lock design, which has the advantages of safe and firm locking, smooth plugging and unplugging...

Number of cores: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8

Rated current: 5A, 3A

Working voltage: 125V, 100V

Withstand voltage: 1500V, 1000V

Mechanical life: ≥1900 times

Ambient temperature: -40~+85℃

Waterproof grade: IP67

Applicable wire diameter: Φ5-Φ7㎜

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China,Guangdong,Shenzhen,Building E, Xiashijia Second Industrial Zone (Lihao Aoda Science Park), Ma Tian Street, Guangming New District

EW-LP Series Device Connectors

The EW-LP20 series connectors are designed for high-precision, high-quality automatic insertion. With features such as self-locking device and waterproof and dustproof, it is widely used in various challenging environments.

Waterproof LP equipment series installation 01 Waterproof LP equipment series installation 02 Waterproof LP equipment series installation 03

LP Series Device Connector Model

Number of Poles

IP Codc

Rated Voltage

Wire Section

Waterproof EW-LP12 Device Connector 2/3/4/5/6/7/8 Pin IP67 125V,100V 0.34-0.5 mm²
Waterproof EW-LP16 Device Connector 2/3/4/5/7/8/9 Pin IP67 500V,250V 1-1.5 mm²,0.34-0.75 mm²
Waterproof EW-LP20 Device Connector 2/3/4/5/7/9/12 Pin IP67 500V,250V 2.5-4 mm²,1-1.5 mm²,0.34-0.75 mm²
Waterproof EW-LP24 Device Connector 2/3/4/10/12/19/24 Pin IP67 500V,400V,250V 4 mm²,1.5 mm²,0.5 mm²
EW-LP24-USB Device Connector / IP65(Connection Status) 30V ∅5.0mm~∅7.0mm(Outer Wire Diameter)
EW-LP24-HDMI Device Connector / IP65(Connection Status) 40V ∅5.0mm~∅7.0mm(Outer Wire Diameter)
EW-LP24-RJ45 Device Connector / IP65(Connection Status) 125V ∅5.0mm~∅6.5mm(Outer Wire Diameter)
EW-LP24-FIBER Device Connector / IP65(Connection Status) 125V  ∅5.0mm~∅6.5mm(Outer Wire Diameter)
Waterproof EW-LP28 Device Connector 2/3/4/5/6/8 Pin IP67 500V,450V,300V 4.0,6,10,16 mm²

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Download the complete connector specification sheet: Click to download

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FAQ for Purchasing Waterproof Connectors

Q:What does the IP rating of a waterproof connector mean? What are the differences between IP66, IP67 and IP68?
A:The IP rating of waterproof connectors represents their dust and water resistance capabilities. IP66 indicates resistance to dust and protection against strong jets of water, IP67 signifies effectiveness when briefly submerged in water, and IP68 means the connector can withstand prolonged submersion without being affected.
Q:Are you a manufacturer or trading company? Where is the factory?
A:We are manufacturer of high quality waterproof connectors made in China. Our factory is in Guangming District, Shenzhen, Guangdong.
Q:How to choose a suitable waterproof connector?
A:In order to check and recommend a product suitable for you, the following information needs to be collected, number of contacts/pins, operating current and voltage of each pin, cable outer diameter, other requirements, etc. You can also fill out the contact form directly online by visiting https://eweichat.com/contact-us and our team will assist you in finding the best waterproof connector product for you.
Q:Why are your products more expensive than others? How is the quality?
A:1. We utilize eco-friendly PA66 from Solvay plastics, ensuring a minimum stability of 2-3 years to maintain normal functionality.
2. We offer a 3-year warranty to instill confidence in our customers regarding the longevity and performance of our products.
3. All our products adhere to the international EN60998/U2238 test standards.
Q:Do your waterproof connector products have test reports and product certifications?
A:Our connectors adhere to TUV EN60998/EN62444 standards and are RoHS certified. Additionally, certain series have cUL and SAA certifications. Being an ISO 9001 certified factory, we boast an experienced R&D team and a fully equipped in-house lab. We assure swift and comprehensive support, providing short design-in processes. For further details, please reach out to us. If you have specific certificate requirements, we are willing to explore the possibility.
Q:How to order samples? Can your waterproof connectors be customized?
A:Certainly. We allow OEM and ODM. Regarding samples, in order to ensure that the selected product is suitable for your application, it is best to test samples before purchasing in bulk. As there is no minimum order quantity for most of our products, samples can be purchased in any quantity. Free sample options are available on certain product lines, please contact our sales team for more information.
Q:What is the delivery time of your products? Do I have to pay for shipping?
A:Yes, we do not provide free shipping. Regarding delivery time, regular delivery time: formal order: 5-7 days, sample order: 1-3 days; it may also be shortened according to our inventory situation, or extended during special holidays. We will always try to deliver as quickly as possible. Warm reminder: Lunar New Year is a very special holiday in China, which may cause production abnormalities for up to 1 month, and delivery times will be longer than at this time of year. We recommend that you place your order or make purchasing plans in advance to avoid possible delays.
If you need more product information about waterproof connectors, please send us an email directly: tina@weichatsz.com; call: +86 13428934913 (WhatsApp / Wechat) or https://eweichat.com/contact-us Fill out the form to get a free quote!


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