P25MF Press Type Male-Female IP68 Wire Connector 4-5Pin

The space-saving EW-P25MF connector system enables customers to implement wire-to-wire solutions in a wide range of industries utilizing less space, through-holes and pivots.

Additional information

Product Name


Type of Connection

Male to Female

Number of Poles


Operating Voltage


Operating Current


Wire cross-section min. - max.


Cable diameter min. - max.

10-14mm, 5-9mm, 9-12mm

Mating Cycle

1500 Mating Cycles

Operating temperature range

-40°C / +105°C

Protection against water (IP)


Product Details:

The fast wiring waterproof connector provided by E-Weichat is higher than the IP67 standard sealed wire-to-wire connector system of the same size, with IP68 standard, and the waterproof test is up to four meters, which effectively ensures the highest level of protection. The EW-P25MF connector is a high-voltage type with a rated voltage of 450V.
IP68 level protection optimizes the mating performance and signal integrity of the product in harsh environments, making the EW-P25MF connector fully meet motorcycles, vending machines, air conditioners, and any need to add more electronic devices in an increasingly compact space demanding performance requirements for applications.
The EW-P25MF connector includes a housing, low insertion force terminal design, and other design features to simplify assembly for operators. The body-raised blade terminal design provides polarization features to prevent mismating, while the integral watertight sealing plug and positive lock ensure secure mated retention. A capped locking system provides low terminal insertion force and high sealing performance. Spring bar design withstands high pressure and small deflection in high vibration applications.

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