M15MF Male Female IP68 Wire Connector 2-4Pin

At present, waterproof connectors are used in many fields, so waterproof connectors have become the fastest growing branch of the connector market.

Additional information

Product Name


Type of Connection

Male to Female

Number of Poles


Operating Voltage


Operating Current


Wire cross-section min. - max.


Cable diameter min. - max.

2.5-4.5mm, 3.5-7mm

Mating Cycle

1500 Mating Cycles

Operating temperature range

-40°C / +105°C

Protection against water (IP)


Product Details:

Waterproof connector First of all, we know that the connector must be waterproof, and the contact environment must be a water environment, and this kind of connector can also withstand a certain water pressure, ensuring the normal use of the connection and connection. Play its inherent characteristics. various properties. Waterproof connectors are used in many fields. For example, in aviation, lighthouses, cruise ships, cables, LED lighting, etc., the application requirements for waterproof connectors in the military field will be more stringent, and connectors for submarine-launched missiles and submarines are widely used for waterproofing. Connector, let me explain some of its features:
(1) Because the waterproof connector is waterproof, its sealing performance is relatively good, and its waterproof standard has also reached the IP68 standard.
(2) The waterproof connector is a very high-quality product, and it is designed to be relatively strong for working environments with water. The device not only guarantees to provide customers with a reasonable connection solution, but also brings customers a sense of safety and reliability.
(3) The installation of the waterproof joint is also very simple and convenient.
Waterproof connectors also have some caveats. First of all, the waterproof connector cannot be subjected to strong impact or drop, otherwise its sealing performance will be greatly affected. Second, secure and position the waterproof connector into the wiring harness using a threaded connection. Anti-loosening devices are also required for clamping and other occasions. Third, when the waterproof connector is in a separated state, a protective cover must be installed or other dust-proof measures must be taken. If it is used for a long time, it must be insured between the plug and the socket.

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