M16 Outdoor Circular Waterproof Connector

Wire-to-Wire Connector
E-Weichat wire-to-wire connector solutions offer a variety of cable/wire types and sizes and numerous options to meet your application needs in most industries.

Additional information

Type of Connection

Screw Fixed

Product Name


Number of Poles


Wire cross-section min. - max.


Cable diameter min. - max.

3.5-7mm, 7-10mm

Operating Current


Operating Voltage


Operating temperature range

-40°C / +105°C

Protection against water (IP)


Product Details:

Unique connector on the market. Why?

Shenzhen WeChat Technology has produced some new circular connectors,

The diameter is 18mm, and the protection grade is IP68. Thanks to our R&D team.

That is to say, 2pin, 3pin, 4pin, 5pin, 6pin are soft and hard installation

Conductor up to 6.0mm2, 41A-400V, with UL, TUV, CE, SAA, RoHS approvals.

It is suitable for field wiring and ensures maximum application versatility.

1. Mini Connector

We make some connectors that are extremely compact in overall size. It allows connecting devices and instruments in very small places.

2. Submersion and high pressure waterproofing

We realized this product with technology, using the best materials on the market. It is reliable in application conditions including water immersion (ip68) and high pressure water.

3. Screw wire connector

We have designed some uniquely sized spiral wire connectors for wires up to 6.0mm2.


TUV/CE/SAA: EN 60998-2-1:2004; EN 60998-1:2004; EN 62444:2013

cUL: UL 2238

Packaging Information

Quantity (product/box): 100pcs/PE bag; 1000pcs/carton

Gross weight: 18.5kg (a full box)

Outer box size: 42 X 30 X34CM

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