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LP20 2/3/4/5/6/7/9/12 Pole Panel Type Round Waterproof Connector Power Supply

E-Weichat Waterproof connector is Used in lighting systems, LED Displays, Audio, Medical equipment, industrial control, testing measurement equipment, and so on.

Additional information

Type of Connection

Screw Fixed, Soldering

Product Name


Number of Poles


Wire cross-section min. - max.


Cable diameter min. - max.

5-9mm, 9-12mm

Operating Current

5A to 20A

Operating Voltage


Operating temperature range

-25℃- +85℃

Protection against water (IP)


Product Details:

  • 2-Pin Male and Female Circular Connector Specifications: The working voltage of the power connector can reach 500VAC, and the rated current is 5A to 20A.
  • General wire diameter: Φ3.0mm~Φ12.0mm. Cable specification: 1.0 –1.5mm²/18-16 AWG. Contact resistance <3.5mΩ. Mounting dimensions: M20. Waterproof Protection level: IP68. Package list: (1): 1 male plug + 1 female socket.
  • High-Quality Material: Our 2-pin connector uses a PBT material shell imported from abroad with stability, compression, anti-explosion, and anti-deformation. Use metal material flanges seat, against high-frequency noise and electromagnetic interference. Using gold-plated contact with the superior performance of corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity effectively deals with temperature rise.
  • Easy to Install Cable Wire Connector: Cable connection type: Soldering. Cable in-line, threaded coupling, quick connect, solder plug & socket. Note: Prohibited to charged inserted.
  • The wiring welding temperature requirement is 380℃±40℃, and operation time: each point does not exceed 3 seconds.
  • Perfect Waterproof Wire Connectors: The waterproof connector can be up to waterproof IP67 protection level when connected, its rigid spring snap fastening self-locking device waterproof ring is well water-resisting. Even in harsh outdoor weather conditions, it can still be in a good state of waterproof performance. High quality ensures that your industrial equipment works well without being affected.
  • Wide Application Power Connector: Aviation connector is ideal for any equipment for watertight, indoor/outdoor applications, such as outdoor electric tools or appliances, medical devices, audio/video, robots, RV solar, communications, marine or automatic equipment, outdoor led lighting, outdoor LED panels, solar energy system, outdoor security cameras, transformer, control box, machines equipment, packing machines, etc.

Standard number :

TUV/CE: EN 61984:2009;

cUL: UL 1977


Quantity (product/box): 1 set/PE; 200pcs/carton

Gross weight: 18.5kg (one packed carton)

Carton dimension: 42 X 30 X34CM

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