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About the Product Types of Electrical Connectors

Due to the presence of a large number of electrical equipment in the electrical and electronics industry, the number of electrical connector variants is equally huge. Connector types include terminals and wire nuts, terminal posts, terminal blocks, crimp terminals, insulation displacement connectors, plug and socket connectors, etc.

Terminals and wire nuts

Terminals and wire nuts are basic connectors that connect two or more wires at a single point of contact.

Terminal Posts

Posts are a common type of electrical connector found in test equipment because they are very basic and easy to manufacture. The uncovered wires are clamped or screwed to the post and the connection between the wires and the post constitutes the connector.

Wiring Terminals

Terminal blocks, also known as terminal blocks or strips, allow for the connection of multiple individual wires. It is typically used to connect various devices or to connect wires within a single device. They are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different types of wires and configurations, although some terminal blocks only accept certain types of wires.

Crimp Terminals

A special type of terminal block, a crimp terminal is a small tubular device that connects to the end of a wire. To complete the connection, the terminal is crimped using crimping pliers to ensure a secure installation. Crimp terminals can be used to connect two wires or to prepare wires for connection to screw terminals.

Insulation displacement connectors

Insulation displacement connectors allow insulated wires to be inserted into the connector without first stripping the insulation. As the wire is inserted, a small device in the terminal opening moves the insulator so that the wire is ready to make contact. This variant is typically used in low voltage applications.

Plug and Socket Connectors

Plug and receptacle connectors consist of two mating assemblies, a male plug, and a female receptacle. The male plug typically has more pins and pins to allow it to slide into place within the socket.

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